Assignment Phase 2 – Ideation & Sketching

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My ideas for my assignment design is ‘water tank’ which the Grid Gallery display an underwater environment.

Base on my research from last week, I found people didn’t look at the screen when they walk past it, because it isn’t enough attractive. I want to make my animation can be focused on by people, not only when they walk past, driving car, but also when they waiting for the traffic light. The one of the method to make the animation to be attractive is make it dynamic and colorful. Also I have to make it to be interactive.

Dynamic animation – the animation is keep displaying even there are no people interactive with is. Colorful animation – there are many colorful things, blue background, bubble and audience’s shadow who walk close to the screen. Also the audience can interact with fish inside the screen, also the animation would be changing when quantity of audience is changing.

After I read comments that people gave me after my presentation, I found the screen still isn’t enough attractive in this busy area. I remember a fun video from the Fun Theory website, people’s behavior can be changed by some interesting and special stuff, especially, people would focus on something and figure out what it is when they see different things from background environment or some unfamiliar thing or some obvious color changing. I can make a flashing red background with white text – “Warning” when on people walk past the screen. But if some one stays in font of the screen, the screen would start play fish and shark animation.

(warning gif – click for full size image)

First idea

My first design is focusing on how interact between audience and animation. Also the animation would be related between quantity of audience and audience. The technology tool supports this idea is using Microsoft Kinect  to detect position and location of human.

The first three pictures are displaying how the animation is when no audience stays close to the screen. The fish is swimming around the screen like real fish life. When a shark comes, all small fish swim away.

When people come close to the screen, fish swim away. However when audience rises up their one hand, some of the fish would swim to shadow of hands like people is feeding fish. From the screen, people can see their shadow inside the screen is changing when they walk close to the screen or walk away to the screen.

The distance between people stay and screen effects reaction of the fish. More fish run away or more fish swim to the hand shadow when people stay closer.

This animation is more changed and influenced when more people interact to the screen. For example one people can’t scare the shark but three or more people can scare all shark away. I want to use this idea to encourage more people to play with the screen, more people to ask their friend to join and share fun.  I would add more mathematical thing to the animation, like one shark > one people, three people > one shark and two sharks > three people. This idea would be changed and developed from the feedback of audience.

(storyboard short animation(gif image)- click for full size image)


Idea two

My idea two is based on the idea one. I keep using characters, background and environment from idea one. But I would like to make this animation to be a little video game. The technology tool supports this idea is using Iphone, But this idea is limited by Iphone owner, because there are not everyone using iphone and people have install TouchOSC. One solution is audience can borrow iphone from officer, but it wouold cost a lot on the budget, the other solution is using Microsoft Kinect to indeed of Iphone. This would be depended on audience feedback and observation result.

(storyboard for iphone)

Control method on Iphone. Using arrow keys on screen to control moving direction of fish or shaking the ihpone for control fish, the fish swims faster then people shark it quicker. Game rule, the fish can’t be catch by shark in 60 sec. the shark would swim faster if closer to the fish and it can choose the closest way to the fish.

Tools and space limit the second idea. I prefer to develop the first idea, but second idea is more playable than first idea and it would be attractive for audiences who have Iphone. Using Microsoft Kinect can be solve  this problem and much more interesting than Iphome

I have new idea, if I use Micsoft Kinect, we can invite more people to join this game. Control method on KInect. this method is simpler than first one, people just need to use their hand to control fish on the screen. As they points to the screen and move. for example, people can choose their characters – fish or shark as they want. I could add a score system into this little game, each player could have their own score system, the system can record every player’s result as data, player can leave their real name into the system. Players can compare their result from ranking system. In score system,  fish player and shark player have different score collection method, fish score is calculated by how long they can survival. The shark score is calculated by how many fish they catch in 60 second. That’s  would be fun.