Ideation & Sketching

5:27 PM in General by Po Shen

Grid galley is located at one of the busiest spot in the city, people are stressing over something either form works or from their studies (as I see), therefore, a place that can let people have a few minutes break seems necessary.
We find many office workers are taking their time to enjoy their brunch in the park or somewhere there’s ponds and trees, and they don’t even mind to walk for 2~ 3 blocks just to get to the place, in my opinion, the whole point is to escape from the city life for just a few minutes, and to enjoy sort of life style which allows them to reboots and to refresh in a limited time.

My idea is to recreate a similar environment that is letting people to have a chance to interact with after a day’s work.
According to findings from the grounding research phase, everyone loves something that they can actually interact with, and something is going to give surprises to them, therefore, main goals to achieve are:
• To keep graphics as simple as possible which is not going to give a headache to audiences while they are watching it
• The contents need to be changed constantly which will keep audiences’ eyes on our canvas
• By adding some 3D effects into to the scene can make the work even more vivid and dynamic
• Viewers are surrounded by green elements, and that is going to refresh viewers’ mind after a day’s work
• Making plants seem to breath, and that is giving a even more realistic feeling of nature (while plants are interacting with sound)
• Audience is able to interact with the butterfly, in the mean time, they can explore the city as well (whether audiences are walking by, staring at the screen even from a far range, they can still enjoy the different kind of interactions which we provide.)
• To keep audiences stay around the site for relaxing, socialling and interacting with nature


Scene 1: If there’s without any noises, flowers blossom.
Scene 2: if the noises volume reaches a certain level, the blossomed flowers will back in bud.
Scene 3: if there’s passenger walks by, all graphics in the scene disappear at first and a small amount of flowers start to grow alone the passenger from the bottom of the screen, and a small butterfly is shown on the screen to lead the passenger through the canvas.
Scene 4: as long as the passenger keeps walking forward, vines and branches will also grow alone the passenger, in the mean time, the butterfly will grow bigger as time passing by.
Scene 5: while the butterfly is guiding the passenger, its ‘body also grows gradually, eventually it will become a fairy at the end (only if passenger passes by the screen without even stops for more than 3 seconds.)
Scene 6: once he/she stays more than 3 seconds, and the butterfly will turn its’ face towards him/her (flowers stop growing)
Scene 7: smoke comes up, and the whole scene starts to become foggy and blur.
Scene 8: 2 seconds after, a part of smoke goes off, and opera house appears suddenly (only if the passenger stays still)
Scene 9: if viewer keeps walking forward, opera house will be covered with smoke again, but another part of the smoke goes off, and appears the view of city (only if the viewer stops for more than 3 seconds again, otherwise, the whole scene goes back the scene 5.)

Concept art

Second idea

Since the whole point is just to grab peoples’ attention, my idea is aiming audience who is usually driving by the site before or after their work, and by using some road sign like graphics to catch their eyes.
This idea came from one of the participant who I interviewed during the grounding research phase which is by using some really simple graphics to inspire audiences, in other words, to entertain audiences who are passing by the site whether they are driving or walking.


Scene A~H: passengers or cars go from left side of the canvas to right side of the canvas, and the arrows appear which are going to flash for 3 times( determine only by the first one who is passing by the screen. )
Scene I~N: couple jugs of beer appear, and pouring them into glasses then empty those glasses (repeats 3 times), if there’s no one passing by, the screen plays scene A~H.
Scene O~T: passengers or cars go form right to left side of the canvas, and it is going to show an animation of people walking (It flashes as well)
Scene U~V: several gear wheels are pulling belt back and forth (meaning everyone is a part of the machine which is keeps the city running)
Scene W~X: only gear wheels go back and forth (3 times), if there’s no one passing by, the screen plays scene I~N.