Opportunity to participate in an interactive architecture project

9:56 PM in General by Martin Tomitsch

Some of you already saw this in class today. Aya and Kai, two students from the Architecture Master studio (which takes place on level 4 on Thursdays) are working on an interactive installation. The installation consists of a landscape (elements on the floor) and a swarm (elements hanging from the ceiling). The elements contain coloured lights to create a responsiveness in the space, and interaction between people and the environment.

Aya and Kai are looking for someone with the technical skills (or willingness to acquire these skills) to help them with their project. If you are interested, or want more information, please email Aya (ayaa.kaneko [at] gmail.com). This might be a good way to work on an additional piece for your portfolio, plus I think there is the opportunity for a longer-term collaboration as part of Sydney Festival next year.