Team Liquid Light: blog post update

10:56 PM in General by Mela

Our presentation can be found here: Prezi

Summary of feedback:

  • Change name to “KARMA ORGASM” (title suggested by David)
  • Make it even simpler
  • Sequential events may make the story hard to understand
  • Mist is a must ==> everyone loved it!! (“wow” sounds going around the room) :-D
  • BUT the mist needs to be tested to make sure that it works in the environment. Ex. if it’s windy, it might blow all over, or if it’s too strong, it might make the viewers too wet
  • Get rid of the lots of bubbles around the screen; reduce it to bubbles around the auras only.
  • Get rid of the bubble energy connection; reduce it to straight light links.
  • Emphasize that energy and tension are building up.
  • Attach the water mist release to the “flashlight” moment, to get it more coherent.

Based on the feedback we received from the class, the main comment was to simplify.

Our group agreed with the suggestion of removing the photos aspect. Our original idea had the aura energy heating up and culminating in a flash, revealing a photo. We decided not to have the photo anymore, and to tone the idea of ending in a flash of light. Instead, the energy heats up and subsides continuously.

“…instead of culminating in a white flash of light, we can just have the aura kind of shimmer into a golden aura then subside.” -Mela

“What we could do though, rather than starting all over again after the white screen and water mist, is to  – as you suggested – subdue back to the “less powerful” auras. That way, rather than having the same story being told over and over, we would have a continuum, perhaps like a wave clashing on the rocks and then receding back… do you what I mean?? :-D” -Luke

Other than that, most of our idea would probably still be the same. But of course, things might change after we start actually programming. Wish us luck!!