Quartz Composer & Kinect

12:20 PM in General by Keir Winesmith

I know most of the group is using Processing for their visualisation, however I’m sure some of you will be keen to use Quartz Composer.

I’ve had a look around at why tools you can use to connect the kinect to Quartz Composer and listed them here. I’ve not tried any of these tools, so it’s up to you experiment.

Open Kinect Plugin for Quartz Composer.

This is project is active development, with the latest change only a few weeks ago. It includes some simple test examples.


Motion Tracking with the Kinect and Quartz Composer

There is a video example of this running, and the code based has recently been updated by George Toledo and contains a lot of example code. Definitely worth checking out.

Quartz Composer tags on the Kinect Hacks site

http://kinect.dashhacks.com/quartz-composer is mostly examples, with video, and not much code.

TUIO goodies

There are lots of goodies on the TUIO software listing page, including stuff for processing and Kinect, however I couldn’t find a specific Kinect straight into QC zip, but it should be as simple and joining two pieces together. http://www.tuio.org/?software


As always, if you get stuck, send me a mail or ask me in person.