Getting there…

9:07 PM in General by Mela

A lot of the code is starting to take shape. I think basically we have all the main elements in place. The code is able to recognize blobs, display auras based on the blobs, display ripples, and generate the energy bonds when there are multiple blobs on screen.

Here is Luke’s initial code from two weeks ago showing blob recognition and the corresponding energy bonds that appear:


Since then, there has been some more progress. We were able to put together the aura generation, ripples, and changing aura colors. We tested 2 videos at the Smartslab last Friday. Unfortunately, the quality of these videos is pretty meh but you can kind of tell what’s going on. (If you listen closely you can also hear random commentary from Didit and Johnny…)

–Why aren’t these videos embedding for me? :(


Luke was able to buy some of these water misters the past week. They are pretty nice and just lightly mist — not soak! — people so it is perfect for our purposes!


There are two main challenges for the upcoming week.

First is to optimize the code. Running the code right now is a bit slow and after a few minutes the laptop runs out of memory.

Second is to refine the video display on the screen. While testing our videos at the Smartslab, we noticed that there were times when it wasn’t fully obvious that it was displaying auras of people standing in front of the screen. Granted, the generated light effects were very pretty, but I think we can work more on establishing the “aura-ness” of the displayed shapes.