The other week’s updates :D

3:10 PM in General by Mela

Most of our code is already in place. So for last week, most of what we (rather, Luke) did was to refine the code and make it run faster. There are a lot of things going on with our code and each one was doing its own thing. This meant that combining the different sections made our code really slow and prone to running out of memory. Fortunately, he was able to implement some changes that did make the code run faster. (And it no longer runs out of memory! Yay!)

Since most of the code is already okay, we turned our attention to the “other” aspects of our installation.

We hooked up the Kinect to the Smartslab downstairs. (Rather, we hooked up the Kinect to a laptop which was connected to a laptop that was connected to the Smartslab.) We were able to test our installation for the first time using the Kinect — previously, we’d just tested videos on the Smartslab.

Sadly, we learned of the limitations of using the Kinect to record from behind a glass wall. :( Sometimes it would detect the blobs, but sometimes it wouldn’t… it would detect this weird, not-very-human like shape. We (aka Rob) tried pressing the Kinect up against the glass and it made things a leetle better. Fortunately, Rob & Martin said they would move the Smartslab to a ~new place~ which would allow us to position the Kinect in front of the audience, not behind glass, and would make blob detection much easier.

We also tried setting up the mist for the first time. Watch the video below as Luke walks through setting up the mister. Muchos gracias to Jon for helping us set it up! Note: Video contains evidence of tree climbing

Some things we learned from the misting experiment:

It’s important to keep all the misters arranged downwards. The mister resulted in a very nice mist (as expected). However, if some of the little mister openings (what do you call them, exactly? I have no idea) are positioned upwards, they start to trickle into little streams (not very mist-like.) It’s definitely a challenge to keep them all facing the right away. But it had a pretty nice effect! And it was fun to walk through.

(Tree) location was important, too! Thanks to the strategically placed trees in front of the SmartSlab, we could easily hang the mister there.

Someone suggested projecting a light onto the mist to make it more obvious. That was a pretty good idea. There were times when the mist was not visible, it is also near impossible to capture on camera… so hopefully projecting a light onto the mist will make it easier to see!

We have some videos of some unsuspecting Sydney Uni students reacting to our mist:

Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post on our progress for this week! :P