update for ze last week

11:51 PM in General by Mela

Heya folks,

just a few more updates from us :) Here are a few more videos from last week!

me looking at the mist

people playing with the Kinect



  • there were a few changes to the code. Of course, there was the never-ending ongoing quest for optimization. Another change was to make the lights (the aura shape and the energy bonds) a lot less bright — there were times when the brightness overwhelmed the screen. And yet another change related to the way the energy bonds were being created. Previously, the end-points of the energy bonds were calculated by getting the middle point of the blob rectangles. What happened is that if someone raised one of their hands, the energy bond would be connected to an empty space in the middle. Now the energy bonds are connected to the highest point of the blob.
  • we also tried experimenting with the “new” location of the SmartSlab. Fortunately the tree extends to that area, so we were able to place the mister all the way in that area. There were some misters that appeared a little “stuck,” but according to Luke they should be fine now.
  • we have now added sound to our installation! We got free sounds from Jamendo (highly recommended for anyone else looking to add sound to their installation.) We’ve got the general feel of what we want to happen but we are still fine-tuning the sounds that we want to play. Martin showed us the place to connect the cables to… not sure yet though exactly what kind of cables need or where to get them!
  • same as the Featherlight group, we are using a projector. We’re using it to project light on our mist to make the mist more obvious. As you may have noticed from the videos we’ve uploaded so far, the mist is a little hard to see. (It’s actually near impossible to see in the videos; it’s more visible in real life, but still not SUPER visible.) Programming has now begun for the 2nd Processing sketch that will be projected on the mist…
  • started work on our poster! We have the blurb and the general poster idea down… now we are set on refining it.


And here’s our latest video: