Assignment #4: Make the Line Dance

5:08 PM in General by Mela

Make the Line Dance
(Vimeo won’t embed :(…)

I chose this interaction called “Make The Line Dance.” The creators are based in France and they do a lot of really interesting interactive experiments. They used a lot of other technologies in creating the video mentioned above — in addition to Quartz Composer, they also used Kinect (for skeleton tracking), MaxForLive for the audio, and MadMapper to “match the video and real action.” (Source.)

This kind of technology is obviously very useful in the arts and entertainment. The example above is an “augmented dancing experiment.” It’s easy to see how this technology can be used in other artistic experiments. Last semester, the IDEA group had to watch a dance performance (guys, do you remember what it was? I forgot the name) at Seymour Theatre. I can imagine this kind of technology being used in a lot of similar modern dance performances.

I can also imagine that this technology be used in other performances onstage and not just because of dance. Being able to project a video that overlays on someone’s body has a lot of possibilities. For example, theater actors can enact plays with complex costume changes without actually needing the costumes. Playwrights will be able to incorporate these easy character changes into developing new kinds of theater performances.

I can see this technology being used to perfect technique with regards to athletes and performers. By being able to project video based on a person’s skeleton, it may make it easier to visualize a person’s movement and see if the lines and alignment are correct. Similarly, perhaps this can be used in the area of physical rehabilitation. (It’s a stretch but who knows… :P) By projecting video on the patient, he may be able to better visualize his movement and analyze his progress.