Simplicity: User Evaluation

9:00 PM in General by Hendy Santono

Hi guys!
Sorry for the late update from us. Unfortunately, our blog post didn’t go through and saved on our draft, we just realize and post it again. After we did user evaluation on Tuesday 7 June 2011, we found a few major problems, such as:
- Bokeh keep changing colour (blinking) because of the background noise
- Background (theme) should be change after 5 peoples interact but the background keep changing (blinking) as well because of the background noise
- Bokeh left mark/trails whenever the people move

From the user evaluation that we found, we were discussed with Deborah about the Aesthetic point of view. So, we decided to change our colour concept to make it more stunning. Previously our concept is the colour changing based on the t-shirt they using, so basically we tried to code our previous concept and we have done to get the middle point of what the kinect sees.

Therefore we tested on the Smartslab, Unfortunately the colour that kinect got is always white because the dominant colour is white. Our new concept is determining bright colours. The colour will change based on how many people in front off the screen. The purpose is to make people feel relaxation and make it more concrete, which is our main purpose of this project.

This video shows what we got while we did the user evaluation

To solve the background noise, we did a change for the background changing as well. To keep the background stable, we did a background change if we press the ‘w’ button.