Simplicity Final Blog Post

12:05 AM in General by Hendy Santono


The concept of “Bokehlicious” originated from our ideas (Simplicity). The combination of our grounding research and ideation created an idea of having a relaxation. The purpose is to let the passerby having a unique experience through screen. We would like to capture their interest, to take them out from daily routine in their life and encourage them to notice the surrounding environment. Our concept is to construct an urban installation; make a connection between pedestrian and media facades.

Concept Development

Previously, we are using the color from user t-shirt to represent the color of bokeh inside their silhouette, but as user testing evaluation was conducted, we find out that mostly people create a gloomy color bokeh inside their silhouette. With the advice that Ms. Deborah gave, we scrap out the color based on T-shirt, and fixed the color to bright color.

Currently, the color inside silhouette emit bright color that user can change when their silhouette collide with other silhouette.

At first, we had some crack on the background because of bad background extraction, but when we do user testing, we find some interesting behavior that user actually use the crack in the background (which emit bokeh) to create the different color and extract their bokeh and put it inside their body. Based on this observation, we build the crack more viable to user for use.

The bokeh inside silhouette represent the color of life which naturally happen in daily life, we give freedom to user which color that represent their self by interact with other people and change the color of their bokeh.

Background represents nature in the city to make it more concrete, the weather to make it the environment looks real and dynamic in which supported by the sound as background music.

Developing the Prototype

Our original concept would be based on relaxation sound, nature background, weather forecast and interactive sketch running on the screen.

Throughout the development, our aesthetic constantly changed based on the testing on smartslab, feedback from user who tested our prototype, and most importantly advice from Deborah when she saw the smartslab screen, into what we now have.

Exhibition Night & Reflection

In the exhibition, we had problem on capturing image to extract the background because people keep moving around the screen.

Through the exhibition, we found out people do enjoy doing stuff in front of smartslab, even people who don’t give attention to the screen feel dramatic change of feel when our sketch showed (thanks to the contrast of serious theme from the team before compared to our team’s theme of relaxation).

The exhibition was great, I love the people participated with the screen. They look like enjoy it so much and found something new that they never see before. Our suggestion is to put a short description or put the poster next to the screen to let them know the concept of the installation.


Hardware & Software:
-Notebook Macbook Air
-Microsoft Kinect
-borrowed Notebook Macbook Pro

Processing Library:


General Structure
Based on kinect toolkit provided by Rob Saunders

Background Removal
Based on Dan’s Sullivan background removal

Based on kinect toolkit provided by Rob Saunders
Center point & blobtracking
Based on opencv example:blob

Rain Effect
Based on David Miro

Improved based on Anastasis Chandras

Bokeh Particle System
Based on particle system from Nicholas Kelly

Based on Ari Prasetyo


Grounding Research

Ideation Q&A

Simplicity Progress Report (Interim Presentation)

Smartslab Basic Prototype Testing

User Evaluation

Special thanks to:
- Rob Saunders
- Martin Tomisch
- Nicholas Kelly
- Debora Turnbull
- Keir
- Chris Law

We are nothing without you guys :)