quick little explanation

12:06 AM in General by johnny campos

Well I though i would give a quick little explanation of how we made our project. After our group had  came up with a new concept we then had to figure out a way to come up with a way to program this into processing. Didit had mentioned that he had seen a cloth morpher like library on the internet somewhere. So i searched the net and  found the library that specifically dealt with using a form of cloth simulation.

Traer. Physics library


Basically what this library does is gets a 3d mesh that already has a predefined vertice on it. Once you get a vertice position you are able to shape the mesh any way you want. so what we did was use the kinect to detect the user and once it did it would change values of specific  vertices and it would move those vertices either forward or backwards depending on the movement of the user. By the end of the project with all the coding done we could finally see some nice fluid  movement in the model.


Graphic design

One of the main differences that we had to change was how the user interacted with the screen. So from our original idea where we had an animated gif on someone’s head to then having it a graphic texture to fit the screen was a pretty big change for me.  my job suddenly changed from being a 3d modeler to being a graphic designer. One of the main challenges for me was how to display a texture on the smart slab and still have it still look like plastic. So this is where I came in with my magic. So what we did was that I got a high detailed image of a plastic had see how that looked like on the smart slab. As expected our group couldn’t even tell that there was plastic on the screen, so we took that high rez image into Photoshop where i played with the contrast of the image as well as change the colour so that it matches with the arduino colour. After that we tried another test but unfortunately it still wasn’t displaying what we wanted to see and so it was back to Photoshop. So after the contrast method failed I had to think of other ways to make the plastic look like plastic on the smart slab, so I did my own experiments with the filters, colour balance and contrast and was able to produce some nice images.

after we had tested each of these images out we could see that the picture below is what resembled a plastic bag on the smart slab.

So that was some of the changes we implemented one of my teams members will soon be uploading the report that will speak more of the process that our assignment undertook.