An Exhibition on Holiday

2:20 PM in General by Adityo Pratomo

Hello everyone :)

I just want to share this experience of exhibiting my installation during the holiday. I am currently participating in this sound art exhibition called “Derau” (Indonesian word for “noise”). This exhibition is held by a new media art community named Common Room . This exhibition runs for 16 days, and it’s held in this small 2-level gallery (to add some more creepiness, it’s located in front of a graveyard).

In this exhibition I’m exhibiting my interactive sound art installation called “Robobrain” . I’ve written a post about it in my blog, so you can head there :) In short, this installation will generate sounds based on people’s interaction with it through the simplest form of interface, knobs. The point is, I was trying to practice what we’ve learned this semester in terms of interactivity and developing the concept. I only use an Arduino board and some electronic components and sensor for this installation as a practice to create a single computer-less system.

So, there you have it. I hope everyone have a pleasant holiday.