Assignment 4 interactions using Quartz Composer

12:34 AM in General by tao deng

I found some interested video on Vmeo. I want to introduce three videos about how people play with Quartz Compose and Kinect.

The first video is Comport – Avoid the Void. The designer built a game platform on Quartz Composer which is included logic and level builder. The Quartz Composer could be used to create a big 3D game eviroment and moving objects, eg box, cube, wall. Also the lighting system of the 3D eviroment could be changed adjusted when camara moving. The Camara is concelled by Player who stand in the front of the Knect. On the big screen, the camara is first person view, the objects keep moving to the backward of the screen. Player is move left and right, stand up and squat to avoid object. Designer used Tryplex Toollkit patch on Quartz Composer which is making the Quartz Composer work with the Kinect or Sensbloom’s Osceleton in Quarz Composer. If you interesting on this patch, you can find the Tryplex Tollkit and guide from this web site.
The second video is Color Mixing RGB gabe circlesl. Quartz Composer was being use to build a color aninmation system. The idea of the color mixing is when red overlaps with green, it makes yellow. When blue+ green makes cyan which is the primary colors of light. He used TuioKinect and Quartz Compsoer to build the whole system which is included interactive part. The Kinect is dectecting hunman’s hands as two piont. The two point is effecting the position of the color point on the screen. Quartz Composer is calculating of the RGB color parameters.