Ge Wu 8614_Assignment 4 Quartz Composer

3:18 AM in General by Goldy Wu_8614

Having working on Quartz Composer for the whole week, I have noticed that Quartz Composer is such a powerful program that has incredible power that enables us to build engaging screen savers, create custom user-inferface widgets, make data-driven visual effects, and even performlive performance animations.


Since I have always been interested in sound, music and performing art, it is such a great news for me to be able to create some music visualisers using Quartz Compoer. It is amazing that nowadays technology can be applied to the dance floor, the club, the music concert where music being played. And what will be interesting to see is that technology can actually change the way we view performing arts. This will be a whole new world.


Here is an interaction installation called “Make The Line Dance”, using a Kinect for skeleton tracking, QC to render the lines (+1024_ParticleWarfare + 1024_Rope + 1024_Skeleton), MadMapper (+Syphon) to match video and real action, MaxForLive for the randomly generated piano sounds. They managed to match the real action with different patterns and lightings.


Last year I went to Green Day’s concert. It was a life-time experience that I would never forget about it. From then on, I believed that multiple screen and interaction videos will be the future for music performance and art shows. Here are some examples of live performances along with interactions using QC. The visual impact is so strong.


Video mapping on achitecture. Have you ever imagined that any building can be used as a canvas to project videos ten years ago? Now video mapping is everywhere and have already became a popular art form.