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    ThumbnailMaking Space – Interactive Space Installation from kychan on Vimeo. Journey into the Cosmos Cosmic imagery has been created many times on TV, movies or games, either in 2D imagery or passive 3D renderings, but never interactively experienced by motion detection.  Looking at the night sky as children, the distant stars appear only as flat because we’re not able [...]

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    Thumbnail After the last update the Bela’s Boyz group (Bela, Jazz and myself) set out to prioritise on the aesthetics.  If the viewer can’t recognize the content being outer space, the concept will fall apart.  The areas of focus are: 1. Spatial Effect by Rotation: To avoid overloading the computer, we tried to stay away from rendering [...]

  • Kevin wrote a new blog post: You Must First Invent The Universe   6 years, 1 month ago · View

    ThumbnailCarl Sagan said: ” If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe .” Our challenge was to invent a universe that can be created by the viewer, and building its complexity is no easy task so far.  After the Interim Presentation, the various critique gave us a clearer direction on [...]

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    Sounds good, I’ll be there if theres one!

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    ThumbnailConcept 01: S.pace – What does life look like from space ? The dense urban space is a place for focus: work cubicles, fast food, tight personal spaces and little time, all create perfect environment for work efficiency and productivity. But is it efficient for an ideal life?  The S.pace is a universe on a screen that take people [...]

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    Thumbnail The Grid Gallery , surrounded by financial services and commercial buildings, is a space that distinguishes itself from its surrounding. It is an opportunity for playful and social experience to happen in a densely workspace that can enrich the lives of its users. For my grounding research I set out to find out the background information that [...]

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    ThumbnailQuartz Composer has various plugins such as qcOSC, that allows it to connect to different devices other than the keyboard and mouse. Examples of digital installations on architecture by 1024 Architect is just another demonstration that things can be interesting when the digital things and the physical reality merge. The digital experience, for a long time, has [...]

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      Keyboard Anywhere is a digital piano that uses the floor as the interface.  As shown in the video, the two guys collaborate on the floor piano keys to play a song.  While the performance is sluggish at times, the effort provided by the two creators and the technology proved entertaining. Has digital piano of a [...]

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